An exquisite flooring option, tiles have the sophisticated beauty and durability that homeowners love. From ceramic to natural stones, you can find exactly what you’re looking floor at Croydon Granite. Tile’s combination of durability and style makes it a wise choice for wall and floor installation in your home. Croydon Granite offers a range of long-lasting materials, interesting patterns, unique shapes and vivid colors that will enhance the appearance of any room. From modern to rustic and colorful to contemporary, there is a tile solution that can accentuate any decor. Stop into one of our 3 showrooms to see the latest designs for yourself. Our expert store associates can walk you through the process of selecting the perfect tile for your project.

Croydon Granite has a large variety of tile material options, each with different properties and styles available.

Marble: a high-end, natural stone tile that comes in almost every color and many finishes

Encaustic Cement: usually boldly decorated, these tiles replicate old-world styles and geometric patterns with modern colors

Wood Look: made of ceramic or porcelain, wood-look tiles are very popular for their appearance and durability

Porcelain: this dense and most durable tile is made from heating refined clay

Glass: very durable and easy to clean, glass is available in a variety of stylish patterns and colors

Travertine/Limestone: a type of limestone, travertine has unique patterns depending on the minerals present when it was formed

Ceramic: a man-made, clay-and-mineral tile, ceramic comes in a large selection of shapes and styles

Pebbles & Stone: channel the outdoors with the natural beauty and individuality of pebbles

Slate: this richly colored rock tile can be used both indoors and outdoors

Quartzite: suited to both commercial and business uses, quartzite is a rock that comes in different colors and textures

Other: mosaics made up of combinations of materials are also available


Travertine Tiles