Quartz Worktops are a low-maintenance option, perfect for any busy kitchen, bathroom vanity tops, shelves, steps or bar tops. Made from the strongest natural mineral found on earth and mixed with resin, they’re nonporous, stain-resistant and easy to clean. You’ll never have to seal, condition or polish them.


  • Quartz worktops offer worry-free maintenance and many other advantages
  • Durably made from a mixture of quartz and resin
  • Nonporous surface protects against bacteria and germs
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean
  • No sealants, conditioning or polishing required
  • Resists heat, scratches and stains
  • Colors and patterns stay consistent


We offer a wide variety of tones, ranging from warm hues to light and airy, with vibrant veining patterns. Click on a brand below to see our latest collection of quartz, images are for illustration purposes only, batches will vary.